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Case Studies


Client: Craft Beverage Tech Platform

Goal: For years my client contemplated different tracks that would bring together her business education and sommelier expertise. On her own she was lost in the endless possibilities to match up her vision with a sustainable revenue model, therefore preventing any single idea from gaining traction. She engaged CFO Minded to bring focus in developing a business and financial model that would support her fundraising efforts.

Execution: Our engagement kicked off with a series of questions examining the customer and user, the problem she wanted to solve, and how people would engage with her business. With a core audience established, I recommended an appropriate technology platform, developed a model that allowed her to see the financial cost and growth potential, and built a detailed budget to serve as a tool to raise additional capital.

Result: Within three months of our engagement, the company successfully raised a $100,000 seed round of funding. This cash infusion allowed the company to conduct essential market research and begin software development that would substantiate the company with a proof of concept

These early investments also helped her to raise an additional $600,000 capital to expand her customer base and grow to new markets.


Client: Educational Services

Goal: A former teacher turned business owner, my client turned to  entrepreneurship with a desire for autonomy and passion for her trade. Due to a lack of accounting systems and know-how she instead found herself spending countless hours in Google sheets manually invoicing and tracking hours.

Execution: At the outset of our  engagement I dedicated time to thoroughly understanding her operations, systems, and service structure. This information provided the perspective needed to create organization and a monthly reporting infrastructure within Quickbooks. Having this data at her fingertips allowed my client to visually see where there were eciency and revenue opportunities.

Result: Taking over the financial management and projections allowed my client to focus on her strong suits, including client management and marketing.

Reallocating her efforts and having a stronger handle on her numbers resulted in an expanded client base and resulting revenue increase of 300% within two years of working together.


Client: Artist Management

Goal: Prior to working together, all of my client’s business management and reporting had been outsourced to an external team. Unfortunately, the communication and quality of work was subpar and the external company was unaware my client was operating at a net loss. CFO Minded was brought in to transition all accounting in-house.

Execution: The focus of our engagement was two-fold: implement an accounting system mid-year and merge the outsourced books to the new internal ones so reporting would be continuous. With the support of the CEO, I reengineered the compensation structure to ensure cash went out only after it came into the business. We followed this up with a budget and cash flow management system to ensure the business scaled without self-destructing.

Result: After six months of working together the company was stabilized, rapidly progressing to breakeven and soon after cash flow positive. This allowed the management team to take the business model to scale by acquiring several smaller companies

The long-term result of this turnaround effort was an 8-figure merger for which I led the financial due diligence.


Client: Music Festival

Goal: My client was faced with a unique but unfortunately common situation. Their prior accountant owned their books, requiring the company to choose to either upgrade to an unwieldy and expensive enterprise version of Quickbooks or start their books from scratch.

Execution: Deciding ownership over their books was of utmost importance, we started over. I uncovered misalignment between their actual books and the budgets prepared by the executive team, which provided no substantial value aside from tax return preparation. Over the next year and a half, the company decided to explore the possibility of raising capital for which I proactively mapped the old accounts to new so that the required year-over-year financial statements would be of use to potential investors.

Result: With a vision to expand to new markets the company quickly raised a multimillion-dollar round of financing. Their accurate financial records instilled confidence with investors, leading to an eventual successful acquisition.


Client: Digital Marketing Agency

Goal: Though my client’s company was successful in acquiring new clients and sustaining contracts, the CEO was unable to assess why her company was constantly cash poor. Although there was a Controller on staff to track cash flow and pay bills, they needed to assess all lines of business for performance and profitability.

Execution: When bringing the financial statements into alignment with the business operations, it became evident that the revenue and cost of sales did not line up. Because all of the revenue was lumped together, it was unclear on paper how much revenue was recurring and how much was associated with a one-time project. I developed a reporting system for monthly financial statement reviews and created a cash flow management tool to effectively control the cash balance.

Result: In the course of one year the company pulled themselves to sustained profitability. This followed with debt financing to fund their first acquisition, positioning the agency to successfully exit in two years time with a 7-figure target.

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