Translating Creative Ideas Into Profitable Business Plans

Bookkeeper. Accountant. Controller. CPA. CFO.

So many titles. How do you know who’s right for your business needs? You could figure it out yourself. You could outsource to many.

Or you could get clear on the information and deliverables you need and maximize the efficiency.

Work with Me


For the 6- to 7-figure business leader who expects extraordinary results.

Even the most brilliant entrepreneurs and creative minds benefit from a financial partner who can take a big vision and translate it into a step-by-step plan.

In this flat-fee retainer model, I’ll  seamlessly blend into your team, represent your business, and support your operations staff.

Bypass the lengthy recruitment and hiring process often required to get a CFO at the table. Whether we partner for years or I fly in and fly out, you’ll have an ally who’s thinking about your business just as much as you are.

Ongoing support may include:


A 90-day project-based engagement to clean up or go to market.

This done-for-you service will provide you with the 1:1 financial mentorship required of a leading business.

This program delivers an accounting system completely aligned to your business with reporting to match, a budget to outline your future vision, a cash flow management system to monitor your position, and  recommendations for team members to ensure sustainability.

Fresh Start is right for you if you:


A 12-month guided program to professionalize your practice.

You’re brilliant, bold, and the best at how you serve the world, which is exactly why you chose to start a business. You’ve also found that you’re not a finance expert.

CFO Impact is perfect for the business owner who isn’t ready to completely outsource their finances but needs support to set up their accounting system properly and have a mentor to guide them through the year.

For six weeks you’ll meet 1:1 with Josh; each month thereafter you’ll talk to review your financials and track progress on long-term goals. You’ll also benefit from from group calls with guest experts such as tax accountants, marketing experts, attorneys, business strategists, and other business professionals.

More economical than what you pay your tax accountant to organize everything at the end of the year, this group program will help you:

What’s your goal?