You started your business because you wanted to take control of your career, not because you wanted to become an accounting expert.

But along the way you’ve learned that entrepreneurship doesn’t buy you freedom. Financial success buys you freedom.

If you’re ready to live the life you imagined when you started this thing—filled with so much more than the daily grind—it’s time to get a handle on your finances.

Meet Josh

I spent the early part of my career working for a Big Four accounting firm. It doesn’t get more numbers-oriented than that. But while providing top-shelf financial auditing services to clients in Silicon Valley and LA, I realized I wanted much more.

I couldn’t see myself spending the next 30 years wearing khakis drinking mediocre wine with other accountants for the rest of my career.

I wanted to support the visionaries behind creative agencies and culture-bending start-ups. To do that I needed to bring the financial sophistication big businesses demanded to small businesses that needed it.

In 2009, CFO Minded—formerly known as The Accounting Company—was born, with Deckstar Artist Management, led by the legendary DJ AM and his team, as my first client.

As a Certified Management Accountant I’ve supported dozens of small businesses, celebrities, and consultants to achieve their goals through strategic planning, accounting, and financial management.

While everyone else was baking sourdough during the Covid-19 pandemic I was busy distilling two decades of work into my first book, Numbers Scare Me & Other Excuses: A Business
Owner’s Guide to Lead like a CFO,
offering tactical advice on how even the most numbers-averse leaders can lead with confidence and purpose.

Healthy books.

Healthy business.

Healthy human.

Non-financial goals are essential to your business. That’s why my conversations with clients always begin with,

“What are your goals and what will reaching them allow you to do?”

Your goal may or may not be a 7-figure business. You may want to take maternity leave without losing revenue.

You may want to hire a COO so you can hand off the business operations. Or maybe you do want to hit 7 figures because that valuation will allow you to exit.

Whatever your goal is, it should enhance your life.

I started CFO Minded to support people who spend their days doing what they love. And trust me, I walk the talk. So when I’m not implementing systems that save time and scale profitability you can find me:

Core Values

Living x Earning

I believe in enjoying your life as you’re finding success, not holding your breath waiting until you’ve made it.

Ambitious Vision, Humble Presence

Getting ahead means nothing if you don’t have a dedicated team to back you up.

Business Talk Translated

Finance will always be communicated in a way that makes sense to you.

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